AUS Journal is a mainstream academic publication belonging to the research community of sustainable architecture and urban development within the sphere of local and global cultures. This biannual journal has an editorial committee; articles are peer reviewed under the double blind system and is indexed in Scopus and Redalyc.

Director / Editor
Elisa Cordero
Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile.

Mabel Alarcón
Universidad de Concepción, Chile.

Daniela Lehner
Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile.

Pamela Pérez

Postal Address
Universidad Austral de Chile 
Facultad de Arquitectura y Artes 
Instituto de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 
Edificio Ernst Kasper, Campus Isla Teja, Valdivia, Chile. 
Teléfono: 00-56-63-2293464 

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The hard copies of this journal are distributed to UACh university officials, Deans of Architecture Schools throughout Chile, the School of Architects of Chile and its seats in southern Chile, libraries of Architecture Schools in Chile and selected experts in Chile and abroad. The on-line issue is sent to the databases of municipalities, public and private bodies and Chilean and foreign universities. AUS Journal is open to exchange proposals from related journals. If you wish to receive the on-line issue, please send an email to the journal's contact.

ISSN on-line: 0718-7262

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