AUS Nº21

aus21_01Año 2017



Environmental vulnerability of the urban woodland. Communal georeferenced survey, Chile
Alexandre Carbonnel, Cecilia Aqueveque, Mitzy Carmona

Demography of commercial premises in the city of Córdoba (Spain) and determinants in its valuation.
Francisco José Rey-Carmona, Julia M. Núñez-Tabales

From the topographical urbanism to the rectifications illustrated: Idea and instructions in Valparaiso, 1822-1895.
Gerardo Saelzer Canouet

The urban renewal in the ideal Italian cities of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
David Hidalgo García, Juan Manuel Santiago Zaragoza, Julián Arco Díaz

Isidora Cousino de Lota Park: Its importance as a historical heritage and a significant place for collective memory and identity construction.
María Dolores Muñoz, Rodrigo Sanhueza

From the generalized urban and the Mega-Central Region of Chile. The case of the relationship between Santiago and Valparaiso.
Paula Quintana Meléndez

The role of public space in the sustainability of the contemporary city: Mediterranean urban culture in Europe.
Sergio García-Doménech

Archeological chart of the foundational area of Valdivia: architecture, building materials and ceramics traditions.
Simón Urbina-Araya, Leonor Adán-Alfaro, Constanza Chamorro-Palma

Struggles and demands for urban indigenous housing. Emergency of subsidized housing complexes for urban indigenous population in Chile.
Walter A. Imilán

Expectant gentrification or failed? In the district Concha y Toro, commune of Santiago, Chile.
Yasna Contreras Gatica, Vladimir Venegas Figueroa


Light, Form, Act and Symbol.
Rubén Muñoz Rodríguez