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AUS Nº20

AUS21_01Año 2016


10 years is nothing
Elisa Cordero-Jahr


AUS Magazine Metadiscourse: Trajectory and ChallengesLaura Rodríguez, Elisa Cordero-Jahr, Mabel Alarcón Rodríguez

Victims and martyrs of recent political violence in Chile. A public memory in dispute?Carolina Aguilera-Insunza

Mapping local knowledge: Experiences of participatory mapping in southern ChileAntonia Zambra-Álvarez, Ricardo Álvarez-Abel, Francisco Ther-Ríos, David Núñez-Maldonado, Magdalena Navarro Pacheco

Patrimony in danger of extinction: the water mills in ChiloéAntonio Sahady-Villanueva, José Bravo-Sánchez, Carolina Quilodrán-Rubio

Architecture, tradition and tourism. The vernacular architecture of Tisaleo in the development of a tourism model based on the cultural landscapeDaniel Díez-Martínez, Juan José Martí-Noguera, Santiago Suárez-Abril

Working population of the Teja de Valdivia Island, 1939. The modernizing action of the Obligatory Workers' Insurance FundGonzalo Cerda-Brintrup

Methodological strategy for the design of the incremental dwelling Bárbara Rangel

Recognition of socio-territorial vulnerability from a methodological construction Verónica Yáñez-Romo, Carlos Muñoz-Parra, Matías Dziekonski-Rüchardt

Dazzling in educational environments in facade Lucas Arango-Díaz

Methodology for the design of comfortable and resilient educational buildings Maureen Trebilcock Kelly, Jaime Soto Muñoz, Rodrigo Figueroa San Martin, Beatriz Piderit-Moreno

Methodology for the design of comfortable and resilient educational buildings Antonio Zumelzu-Scheel


Casa Siete Coigües: From nature to space Emil Osorio-Schmied


I return south, as it always turns to love. Macarena Almonacid Burgos and the architecturization of life in the archipelago of ChiloéJuan Carlos Olivares Toledo


At the heart of the conflictLaura Rodríguez